Prosthetics plural of pros·thet·ics (Noun)- An artificial device to replace or augment a missing or impaired part of the body. Well, that's how Mr. Webster defines it. Put in those words a prosthesis comes across pretty sterile and cold. "Augment”, “impaired”, “artificial”; they all sound so imposing when speaking of a device that you will need to rely on daily.  The reality is that the prosthetic devices of today are not sterile or imposing, they are dynamic and exciting. 

Just think, these devices are made of the same materials found in our military’s fighter jets. They contain titanium, carbon matrix, acrylic laminations, micro motors, and can be computer controlled.  The best part about it is that all of this technology is custom engineered for each patient’s needs, no two are exactly the same. By spending the extra time to truly “personalize” each device, we offer our patients the maximum potential for both a physical as well as emotional recovery.  At New Hope, we get excited about Prosthetics and we want you to as well!