Prosthetics and Orthotics Users: Take Proper Summer Heat Precautions


Prosthetics devices that replace body parts that have been lost. When it's hot, during the Arkansas summer heat especially, amputees suffer a lot more; for these three reasons:

  • Higher body temperature
  • Body is less efficient
  • Get tired easily

Think about it. Prosthetics are less efficient than the limbs they were meant to replace. They have to work harder and exert more energy doing everyday activities. Our bodies are covered in skin, which helps us keep cool via sweating. Amputees are missing a large part of that. 

At New Hope Prosthetics and Orthotics, we have incorporated design elements that enable our prosthetics to be more breathable and to have a better fit.

We use underlying garments: a wicking garment. A wicking garment keeps you dry and also has a cooling effect. We also ventilate our prosthetic devices.

We also carry antiperspirants in our clinics. One of our favorites is Certain Dri. If you, however, decide to buy one from another place, be sure you pick one that is fragrance-free and is not deodorant. They can irritate your skin.

Any prosthetic practitioner will tell you that the most important thing to know is to pay attention to your body. Realize that as an amputee, your body temperature gets higher for longer periods of time. Be mindful of that and take appropriate precautions during this summer heat. 

Team New Hope