New Hope began its life in Southeast Arkansas as Galster’s Orthopedic.  Founded by Mike Galster C.P.O and influenced by the Delta culture, our small clinic soon became known throughout the region not only for the high quality of care we provided but also the homespun manner in which that care was given. Plain and simple, we treat our patients like we would treat a family member.

Years after Mike Galster founded the business and passed it down to his eldest son (Gabe Galster, C.P.), he became a patient. Going through the amputation process gave Mike an entirely new understanding of what patients go through and need, and he used his recovery process as a way to educate and inspire.

As of 2018, six amputees are on staff across New Hope’s seven clinics across Arkansas and Mississippi. Our team has a unique approach to recovery because of their personal experiences combined with professional training and expertise.