Scott: Scuba Diving With His New Prosthetics

We love to follow inspirational stories here at New Hope! This is one that caught our eye seeing as it's summer and many people are going to the beach for vacation. Scott Schroeder decides to go scuba diving with his family, but he has a different reason for doing this fun activity.       


Soldier Scott Schroeder was involved in a devastating roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan. The result: Schroeder wears two prosthetic legs and a false arm, but he hasn't let that stop him from scuba diving with his family. He had special flippers attached to his prosthetic legs so that he would be able to explore in the ocean again. With his new prosthetics, he had to relearn his skills due to 

He says that scuba diving with his family after so many months in the hospital was a nice getaway, but therapeutic more than anything: for him and his family.

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