Our Unique Approach to
the Recovery Journey


Integrated Services:

New Hope Prosthetics and Orthotics is more than just a prosthetics clinic. We provide long-term care and support through every step of the treatment process. From custom orthotics and diabetic shoes, to amputation rehabilitation services, to hand-crafted prosthetics, to mental and emotional support services… We do much more than just provide a device and send them on their way, and that’s the first part of what helps us give patients a much better chance at full adaptation and total healing.


Supportive Healing:

We are not a one-and-done clinic where a patient comes in, gets fitted for their device, and never interacts with us again. We want to be there for them and remain involved in the recovery process. Helping them connect with a community filled with people who understand what they’re going through and can help them get over the mental hurdle of being an amputee is a huge part of what we do for patients. It’s the mental aspect of recovery that’s often the hardest, which is why it’s such an integral part of not only the healing process, but also in maintaining their health once patients do physically heal.


New Hope:

We are our patient base. With 6 amputees on staff across our 7 locations, we understand the emotional impact amputation has on patients and caregivers, allowing us to give compassionate support that only those who have been through the process can provide. Our professional training and clinical protocols ensure that patients receive complete care at the highest standards.