From Prosthetic Legs to Diabetic Shoes... We Make Hope Happen


A common phrase we say around here is “Make Hope Happen.” How do we make hope happen? Plain and simple, we treat our patients like we would treat a family member.  Your best interest is always our first concern. But more than that, we provide quality services, including prosthetics, orthotics, and diabetic shoes/inserts.

Here’s a little break down on all of the services we provide:


Prosthetics, plural of pros·thet·ics (noun)- An artificial device to replace or augment a missing or impaired part of the body. Well, that’s how Mr. Webster defines it.  Put in those words a prosthesis comes across pretty sterile and cold. “augment” ,“impaired”, “artificial”; all sound so imposing when speaking of a device that you will need to rely on daily.  The reality is that the prosthetic devices of today are not sterile or imposing, they are dynamic and exciting.

Just think, these devices are made of the same materials found in our military’s fighter jets. They contain titanium, carbon matrix, acrylic laminations, micro motors, and can be computer controlled.  The best part about it is that all of this technology is custom engineered for each patient’s needs, no two are exactly the same.  By spending the extra time to truly “personalize” each device, we offer our patients the maximum potential for both a physical as well as emotional recovery.  


Orthotics are devices that support or “brace” a weak, deformed, or damaged part of the body.  The subject of orthotics is vast and includes everything from simple arch supports to microprocessor controlled knee ankle foot orthoses.  At New Hope, we offer coverage on all orthotic applications.  From pediatric to geriatric, we are experts in knowing what you need.  Most of our devices are designed and fabricated in-house to ensure the best possible outcome.  We also offer a full line of off-the-shelf bracing that is not only cost effective but generally fit the same day.  

When designing an orthosis, it is our belief that sometimes less is more.  We strive to make the lightest, coolest, custom devices available. Our designs are generally dynamic and offer support and immobilization only where it is needed.  Over the nearly 40 years of designing orthotics, we have found that this approach vastly improves success and rehabilitation potential in our patients.

We have a team of practitioners dedicated to caring for our adolescent patients. Our pediatric experts are second to none.  For convenience, we often see the patients at school or in the facility they frequent. Our designs are fun and functional with a focus on fast delivery time and top notch quality.

Diabetic Shoes/Inserts

We at New Hope offer a full line of both off-the-shelf and custom Diabetic shoes and inserts.  We are participating providers for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program and also provide shoes under many private insurance programs.  Diabetic shoes have come a long way in the past few years.  They are lighter, stylish, and have more variety than ever before.  We carry styles from quality manufacturers such as:

We also work in conjunction with various custom shoe manufacturers to design custom made shoes for difficult to fit feet.  These are commonly used when there is a deformity, brace or severe swelling to accommodate.

New Hope Prosthetics & Orthotics understands that each and every patient is different. Our friendly, professional staff will work alongside your physicians (including your podiatrist) to ensure that you are properly examined and fitted for the diabetic footwear you need. If you are a patient on Medicare, diabetic shoes may be available at no cost for your first pair if prescribed by your doctor. If you need us for any reason, including prosthetics and orthotics, please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to meeting you and making hope happen in your life.