Candy Options That Won’t Make Your Blood Sugar Go Haywire

Those who have to keep a close eye on their blog sugar (such as diabetics) shouldn’t have to miss out on all of the Halloween candy! Here are a few options that won’t make your blood sugar go completely haywire. 

1. Wafer-Based Candy 

Candy such as Kit-Kats are better for your blood sugar than other chocolate candy bars. Wafer-based candy bars saves you calories, sugar, and carbs over peanut butter candy bars or pure milk chocolate bars. 

2. Fun Sized Candy 

Sometimes you can’t help but crave something sweet. While it’s a smart idea to limit your concentrated sugar intake, you can get away with indulging in moderation now and again. With fun-sized candy packages, you can satisfy that sweet tooth without ingesting massive amounts of sugar all at once. Your blood sugar will thank you. 

3. Almond-Filled Chocolate 

Similar to wafer-based candy, chocolate filled with almonds will help limit how much sugar you’re consuming all at once. By adding almond chunks to every piece of chocolate, you’re displacing some of that sugar-filled milk chocolate. You get the same amount of sweets without all the sugar in pure milk chocolate. 

4. Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate contains heart-antioxidants and less sugar than milk chocolate, making it a perfect choice. Not to mention, dark chocolate isn’t as popular with children, so you’re more likely to find it in the Halloween rush! 

5. Suckers and Pops 

The longer it takes for you to eat your candy, the more you feel like you’re eating. The fact that suckers take a while to eat almost tricks you into thinking you’ve had more candy than you really have, satisfying that sweet tooth without having to consume as much sugar as normal.  

6. Sugar-Free Candy 

Sugar-free candy gets a bad reputation sometimes, but there are a lot of yummy sugar-free candy options! Gummy bears, sour gummy worms, and some licorice can be sugar-free and just as yummy as the originals. Plus, just like dark chocolate, you’re likely to find as much of it as you want with the kids leaning towards sugar-filled choices! 

During this time of year, it gets hard to responsibly manage your blood sugar levels, but a sweet tooth is never worth sacrificing your health. With these choices, you should be able to enjoy your Halloween without worrying about your blood sugar going haywire! 

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