The Inspirational Story of Ezra Frech - An Amputee


Ezra's Story

9 year old Ezra Frech was born with one left hand finger and a curved left leg. After having surgery at two and removing his left leg, the doctors replaced it with a prosthetic leg. In order for him to use his left arm, they took his left big toe and attached it to his left hand. Although Ezra has his down days, he's chosen to rise above his circumstances and live positively, by using sports as his outlet. 

"I was born like this - I can't change it. And when I play sports, I don't feel different. I don't think about anything else. I just think about what's happening in the game." - Ezra

However, playing sports comes at a price for Ezra. Using his prosthetic leg in rigorous sports activities leaves his back feeling sore at night, causing him to spend extra time stretching. When being interviewed, he focuses on all of the positives in his life - family, friends, school and sports. He even believes that his disability has been a blessing. For him, the hardship and obstacles that come with being an amputee has given him confidence and strength.

Orthotics and prosthetics are not the end of the world - they're the beginning of a new story. So, if you're a prosthetic or orthotic patient, consider channeling your time and energy into sports, like Ezra. Watch the rest of his inspirational story here.

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