Your First Prosthetics Visit

Whether you've been referred to us, found us at the end of your search for a prosthetics provider, or simply know us by name, New Hope Prosthetics & Orthotics offers the personal experience, attention to detail, and, mostly importantly, lifelong relationship that our patients deserve. 

Like beginning any new relationship, you may feel a little nervous or hesitant prior to your first appointment. Understand that you're not alone. Yet, upon arriving at our office and meeting our caring staff, you'll realize that you have an entire team dedicated to your progress and success - and we'll be there every step of the way and beyond. To learn more about us and our story, click HERE.



Once you set up your initial appointment, you'll be asked to bring a few basic things with you:

  • A photo ID
  • Insurance card or cards
  • Prescription(s) from your referring physician; if you have not been seen by a physician, we will gladly help schedule you for a consultation

Upon arrival, you'll be asked to complete our patient information form. We are always there to assist if you need help filling out this form. We'll make copies of your photo ID and insurance card(s) at this time, along with any necessary prescriptions. Once the initial paperwork is complete, you'll be escorted to a patient room where you'll meet with one of our wonderful practitioners. We utilize a digital patient care system called OPIE, which allows us to obtain any additional information from our patients as needed. Upon checkout from your appointment, we'll make sure to review in detail anything else that may be necessary to complete your file and patient registration. We do our best to make this process as simple and streamlined as possible.

At this point, you'll either be scheduled for a follow-up appointment or instructed that we will contact you to schedule a follow-up appointment that best suits your schedule. 



We have found that our patients ask these common questions during their first visit at New Hope Prosthetics & Orthotics:

Will insurance completely cover the cost of my prosthesis?

It varies from patient to patient. First, we will verify with your insurance before establishing what any out-of-pocket expenses may be. We can either call you with this information or discuss it with you during your follow-up appointment.

How long until I receive my prosthetic?

We will provide you with a extensive overview of the process during your appointment. Once we have completed measuring and casting, we then require one or two test sockets before final fabrication of the prosthetics. The length of delivery from from start to finish varies for each patient.

Do you have more questions or are interested in scheduling an appointment with us regarding orthotics and prosthetics? Click the button below to get started!